We support the organizations who work within our mission and vision.  We have a wide variety of volunteer opportunities that are ongoing or one time.

Theresa Sell

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We are always looking to uncover needs through the organizations we partner with and the community we support.

Our founder

We assisted Cat Packs and North Star Academy by feeding the 65 families that Cat Packs supports for the 14 day Christmas break.  Each family received approximately 7- 13 gal bags full of food and household supplies.

Through a guidance counselor in a school, we were made aware of a mother and daughter who were homeless and receiving an apartment.  We were able to fill that apartment with furniture, daily household supplies, and more.

 We held a corn roast and canned good sculpture contest that raised over $1500 and 6,000 cans that are donated to local child hunger relief programs.

 We supplied a local elementary school with blessing bags.  These blessing bags contained pediasure, a kind granola bar, a mint, and a note of love.  These bags will be given to children who do not eat before they come to school and are hungry in the classrooms.

I realized in 2015 that there was a hole in the safety net of our community when it came to children and their families who were hungry and homeless.  I wanted to help the organizations that were working in this realm.  I knew that if people became aware of the situation, they would want to help one another.  I wanted to work to build this awareness and support.

Some of our recent projects

mission & vision

We are here to help children and their families who suffer from hunger and homelessness through an alliance of organizations working together.